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Eyline's Captivity

Download Porn Sex Game Eyline's Captivity for Android APK!

Секс игры андроид (Русская версия)

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Android sex games / Eyline's Captivity

Eyline's Captivity

Eyline's Captivity APK


Size: 23,2 MB

Views: 13,172

Downloads: 3,683


Eyline's Captivity androidEyline's Captivity android
Eyline's Captivity androidEyline's Captivity android
Eyline's Captivity androidEyline's Captivity android
Eyline's Captivity androidEyline's Captivity android

About the game

Developer: Pinoytoons

Release: 05.05.2015

Version: 1.0

Status: Completed

Age Ratings: 18+

Series: Rogue Courier

Categorie: Animation

OS Platform: Android4.1+

Language game: English English

Language interface: English English

Language voice: English English

Features game: Uncensored, Voice, Music

Genres: Aliens, Big Dick, Big Tits, Blowjob, Bondage, Brunettes, Creampie, Cumshot, Fetish, Group Sex, Hentai, Interracial Sex, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Perversion, Punish, Rape, Sci-Fi, Sex, Slave, Spanking, Strip, Tortured, Toys


Admiral Eyline led the Terran fleet and invaded the Signus Igni system to restore order and restore trading posts. The mission was coming to an end, the success of the Terrans on every planet, they themselves felt like heroes. However, suddenly an alien fleet appeared in front of the ships, more powerful and numerous. He commanded the alien fleet Drakos, he easily defeated the Terran fleet, and captured Admiral Eyline and made her his sex slave.


Attention! In order of working this game, you must have the installed Adobe AIR application (to download), if you have not installed it yet, then download and install it.


In order of opportunity for you in installation of this game, you need to enable (to allow) the installation of applications from unknown sources (Unknown sources) in the phone settings. Usually this item is located in the Security section.

Possible problems

In rare cases, there is a small problem on some Android devices, which arises in the operation of ported flash games. Therefore, if nothing happens in your game after showing an advertisement with the heading Advertising will be closed in 10 seconds, or it hangs on the inscription Loading the game..., or the adv.php page opens in the browser, or appears a browser selection menu, then you need to exit the game and turn off the Internet and then restart it.

Keyboard for Android

If you can't enter character's name in the game, then you need to download and install a keyboard from Google which is called Gboard (Download). Then launch the application Gboard and use the prompts to perform the necessary settings. After you finish setting up the keyboard, start the game again, in which you could not enter the name, and try again. If after everything you've done you have problems with entering of your name, then check out the ways to solve them in Gboard FAQ section (to follow).

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